Ride With This Stylish Electric Scooter

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This toy designer, named Joe Wilcox has designed a stylish tilting three-wheel electric scooter out of his senior thesis. With an amazing tilt -turning (patented) technology, this three wheel electric scooter called the Sway is fitted with built in battery systems that takes 3.5 hours to fully charge and complete a distance of 65KM in one go.


Its powerful 8kw PMAC Hub Motor can take it to a maximum speed of 94KMh (60mph). All together with the batteries and motor, Sway weighs roughly 100Kg. One breakthrough technology it features is its controlling mechanism. Driver has the direct control over the scooter, by simply tilting his legs left/right. Disc brakes all around the wheels help making strong braking possible.

Sway Electric Scooter

Sway will be available in three models, the Basic, the Lithium and the LithiumPlus and it aims to be available by 2015, with California targeted as the first market. Read more about it on sway website.

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