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Mobility was the unique feature for a laptop. You can carry it around, taking the productivity tool anywhere you like. Laptops took over the desktop computers to the point of making the later completely non-existent in homes. Though laptops are less bulky and compact, still they require a safe place to keep them. Now with the tablet technology at hand you may not require a laptop to be taken everywhere. Day to day task can easily be handled with a tablet.

c-walker computer table

It looks like we are circling back to desktop technology but in more innovative way. Meet C-walker, a table that can be converted to a computer when needed. This marvelous technology was designed by Nithin Antony who by profession is a designer himself.

C-walker CD ROM USB port on one side


C-walker is a sleek computer/table that contains a power button, CD drive, USB ports and a heat vent on its one side. A virtual keyboard is mounted on the table surface and a virtual display can be made for the screen on the wall behind the table. This only appears when the table is switched on and it quickly disappears when switched off. The table is charged with a cord located at one of the leg which can easily be tucked in when not in use.

c-walker virtual keyboard



You can use this table for doing some electronic work, may be cut out some vegetables for the dinner or may even complete your creative art work.  After that you may feel the need to check your office mail, share your recipes on your personal blog or your first art work on social media. You can simply turn on your table and have an instant connection with the world.

C-walker power cord at the leg of the table

This amazing two-in-one table is great for small spaces where you cannot fit in extra furniture. Will you buy this amazing technology for your studio apartment? Share your comments with us in the section below.


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