Telstra Promises 450 Mbps Internet To Australia

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Telstra is Australia’s biggest and best telecommunications services provider. According to their website, they currently host about 15.8 million mobile services, 7.7 million fixed voice services and 2.8 million retail fixed broadband services. They are also the most widely accessible service provider in Australia and in its struggle to stay the king, Telstra is now gearing up to provide the next generation of 4G LTE technology to the outback.


First came 4G, then LTE (Long Term Evolution) and now there’s another classification, 4G LTE A, the A is for Advanced. At this point the service provider maxes out its speed at about 14 Mbps. That’s counting only 4G connections. That means that for 3G and ADSL2+ networks the download rate is even lower. It so happens that as soon as we get our hands on fast internet, there’s a bigger file to be downloaded off the internet (let’s not forget that there are mobile phone games now that are as big as gigabytes).


So Telstra has now decided to give a large boost to its customers by announcing their intention to provide an Internet speed of about 450 Mbps. This is awesome to say the least. This will mean that the only thing we’ll have to do when downloading a file is count to seconds until its downloaded. A one gigabyte file will download in less than 3 seconds (of course this is an ideal approach).

450 Mbps

Telstra also says it has tested 450 Mbps speeds using 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies on the 4G LTE network and the results are nothing short of fantastic. This speed was made possible when Telstra worked with Ericsson to create an amalgam of 4G Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) channels using the above mentioned frequencies to handle more data by merging parallel streams. 

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