Tesla Motors Building first solar powered fast-charging supercharger station

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Tesla motors – which has been steadily growing its network of supercharger DC fast-charging station for its electric cars in US and internationally, is now moving towards solar-powered supercharges with the first one being built in Rocklin, California.


Phil Haupt Electric of Roseville, an electric company which is working on another supercharger site located 4 miles away from rocklin, said, “I was very flattered to have our company selected to do this installation and we used all local employees and even purchased all of our materials locally.”

The project in Rocklin includes a showroom with a service center along with a row of supercharger fast-charging stalls each containing a big assembly of photovoltaic solar cells large having the capacity to power the whole facility.

Hanergy Solar Group PV Charging Systems


The project is the materialization of the long standing vision of Tesla motors to use solar energy as power source of its superchargers. Photovoltaic panels will cover the roofs of the showroom and service area. The panels will be serving a dual purpose; harnessing energy from sun rays and also providing shade from the scorching heat.

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