Text Message To LG New Speakers For Configuration

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LG launched Wi-Fi Music Flow speakers at CES 2015 in January. The speakers are controllable through simple text messages such as “Play music for party” in addition to usual play and skip commands.

LG Speakers You Can Text

The new LG speakers can easily connect with other devices like it can detect a smartphone and will begin playing whatever is being played on the phone. This type of connection can help the user relay the playback to the speaker while on commute. You can walk into your room and instantly start listening to high volume music onto the speaker from your mobile.

The Music Flow speakers connect via dual-band Wi-Fi using both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. This can give the device more robust bandwidth than the usual Bluetooth connection. You can also connect multiple speakers together in a network with a soundbar upfront and multiple speakers in back. This means that LG’s Wi-Fi speakers can be paired up with the soundbar to operate as a rear left and right channels for surround experience during movies.

LG Speakers You Can Text 2

The 2015 line of LG speakers consists of three soundbars, three standalone Wi-Fi speakers and a new portable model – LG NP8350. This model is the smallest member of the LG’s Music Flow line which can run on battery power and has a 20W rating. The other three Wi-Fi speakers are said to be more powerful with 70W rating. The Music Flow speakers are also equipped with an iOS and Android application which can be used to request songs and playlists.

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