The 3D Printer That You Can Afford Is Here

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3D printers are a marvel of modern engineering and everyone who knows of them and has a little bit of tech enthusiasm, loves them and wants to have one. The tragedy is that almost all 3D printers are either too expensive, or are built for projects that are of a professional standard like building statues or designing scale models of buildings etc. Now however, the technology is moving fast and things like the chocolate 3D printer have hit the market and then there’s the M3D (Micro 3D), which costs less than that eye catching but unworthy of your cash, overpriced piece of tech, the iPhone.


The M3D has a variety of pros. Its lightweight, its efficient, its capable of printing things that you yourself would love to either place in the living room or have your kids play with. Its like having a replicator in your home; with the push of a button you can arrange for a 4.6 inch tall vase or photo frame to be printed.

3d printed object

The printer connects to Linux, Windows and Macintosh systems via USB and the designs its prints can either be downloaded off the internet or custom designed. It covers a surface area of 4.4 by 4.2 square inches and is 10 times more efficient than any 3D printer on the market. The novelty of this item is really the power it consumes/needs. With the operating power of a simple tablet, this baby can create what no tablet can, a tangible object.


The M3D comes at a delightfully cheap price of $299 and can give you much, much more value than a phone with a picture of a fruit on it.

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