The Amazing Lineup Of Perspective Clocks

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These two guys Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger from Studio Ve have been experimenting with amazing designs over the years and have successfully been funded with two of their works – Manifold and Lithe. Whether its the design of a Two Leg Table or a new clock, these brilliant guys have never stopped to amaze us.

Recently they have been crowd-funded for another, not single but a line of 5 clock designs. Called the Perspective Series “Each clock is a whole different story—production-wise, size-wise, and even customer-wise,” Klinger tell. The design of the Perspective Series focuses on the hands instead of the clock face, creating shapes that give meaning to the movement itself. The clocks have been named after an alphabet, namely; The D-Clock, The K-Clock, The P-Clock, The V-Clock and The Z-Clock.

The Z-Clock

The K-Clock

The D-Clock reads:

“This clock is a constant reminder that objects look different, depending on a point of view. The point of view has a tremendous impact on how it’s read. Someone standing directly in front of the clock will see straight lines. But from the side, another dimension of complex shapes is revealed. Not only that the hands have another physical dimension, but they also interact with each other, with one passing through the other”

You can check-out further designs and stories behind each clock on Kickstarter campaign.


Perspective Clocks

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