The Bizarre 6×17 Digital Camera

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With a shutter speed of 1/20,000th second, read-out speed 300 MB per second, this weird digital camera is 160 megapixels and creates a native 6 x 17-cm image in one shot.

Designed by Seitz, the gadget hit the market 5 years ago, yet this Seits 6×17 digital camera has the capability to capture nearly 1 GB uncompressed full panorama image with a super fast speed. It features built-in “world class” Schneider lenses, as quoted by the company website, and is also compatible with ca Linhof or Fuji 617 lenses.

Digital 6x17 camera

The camera comes in two versions namely the mobile version and the studio version and is considered ideal for high resolution landscapes and panorama images on the move. You can take the mobile version along while going on trips or adventure while with a slight design change, its studio version is also available. It costs above $36,000 for the mobile version and  around 34,000 for the studio version. You can get the latest updates and prices of the gadget here.

Seitz 6x17 camera digital

Picture Courtesy: Engadget

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