The Bizarre One Wheel Skateboard

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One wheel skateboard

A firm at Silicone Valley has invented the next big thing, the One wheeled Self balancing Electric Skateboard. Hoping to start shipment worldwide very soon, this $1300 gadget is called Onewheel.

Future Motion – the firm behind it suggests that the skateboard gives you the feel of flying over the pavement. With a range of 4-6 miles in a single charge, it uses the smartphones type sensors to balance and can reach a speed of 20 mph. Leaning back slows down, or even reverses, and regenerative braking recharges the battery during deceleration. Powerful lithium iron phosphate batteries provide high peak power for acceleration and self-balancing, and recharge in under 30 minutes using the fast charger option. The standard charging option costs a minimum of 2 hours. The hub motor has state-of-the-art axial flux brush-less motor technology, which gives it the power it needs without a transmission—no gears or belts, just one moving part, the wheel itself.

One wheel skateboard-3

One wheel skateboard-1

The firm also claims on the website that it is very easy to learn running the gadget, even the person who has never used the board-sports before can learn it in a couple of minutes. ‘That’s because controlling a Onewheel is so intuitive. ‘Powerful sensors and sophisticated algorithms are constantly helping you balance and control your ride with just the forward or backward lean of your body. ‘People with experience with other board-sports are often ready to ride aggressively within their first few minutes on Onewheel.’

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