The Chainless Bike Could Be The Future Of Biking

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Bicycles have evolved from two to three to four wheelers and back to modern two wheel structure. However, it seems more improvement was still required. Almost in complete Europe and in China, people even use bicycle to commute to and fro from homes to workplace.

IzzyBike design

Marek Jurek designed a prototype of bicycle with no chain called “IzzyBike”. You might be thinking it is like a car without engine but this design performs far better and has more utility then the chained bicycle. Look at this way; you need not to oil your chain every time it gives a rusty feel.

izzybike can be folded

The IzzyBike gives you more balance and even quickly changes directions. You can use it hands free too, though we don’t recommend trying this on road. These benefits pertain to the elimination of the burden put on the steering system during pedaling. This was achieved due to exceptional mechanical efficiency thanks to its 29 inch wheel, applied transmission gear and the system’s rigidity.

Your position and geometry of the bike makes it easy to ride without getting tired. The bike can be easily folded within few seconds and put under your office desk or in a medium sized car. It is only 11-12 kg in weight which makes it effortless to carry. Seems like “Ride bike to office” is about to change to “Ride bike to colleague’s office-room”.

Marek Jurek is currently trying to commercialize this product. What do you say? Will you contact him to buy IzzyBike?

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