The Combo Of Electric Ink And Touch Board Creates Amazing Music

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When Arduino was launched in 2005, it helped develop hardware projects at low cost and made innovation easier. Arduino projects moved from small scale projects to commercial projects over time. These projects ranged from home automation to entertainment systems or in short products which cannot be manufactured without factory assistance.


One such innovative project includes touch board that turns any conductive material into a potential capacitive touch input. The board uses a conductive electric paint through which anything drawn on the board can be converted into a conductive material for the electric current to pass through it. For example, a piano set up with painted piano keys are connected to the board via the conductive electric paint. The music sounds the same as on any traditional piano will.

Arduino based music touch board

A London based design and technology studio named Bare Conductive, designed this innovative music touch board. This low tech project is based on Arduino Leonardo Board with a custom chip that allows the touch board to respond to the electrically painted input. This board also comes with an MP3 player, a Micro-SD card socket and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The usability of touch board is not limited here. It can also be used to design electric circuits without going through complicated procedure of printed circuit board which in turn can make many other innovative projects.

Touch Board is pre-programmed to play a different sound when a specific input is touched on the board. These sounds are stored in the Micro-SD card. It is available online for $93 only.

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