The Cup That Never Breaks

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For all the mothers out there stop cursing every time a cup breaks. You cannot stop children misbehaving but you can stop the extra amount of cleaning you need to do. We bring you the unbreakable cups, designed by an 11 year old girl. However, her brilliant idea was for an entirely different and noble cause.

unbreakable Kangroo Cups

Since her childhood Lily had seen her grandfather spill the drink from his cup. Her grandfather had a Parkinson disease and felt difficulty in movement as all patients do. Unlike other children, Lily embarked on a mission to make a special cup to prevent from spilling. Her innocent mind thought of giving the cup legs. No idea is worthless and indeed it led to the production of a kangaroo cup. It gained success on KickStarter resulting in production.

Plastic kangroo cups

The ceramic kangaroo cups now became a household utility but it turned out there is a little room for improvement. During a household party, Lily and her friends broke a few cups. This is when they got the idea of making an unbreakable cup.

Plastic kangaroo cups were designed instead of ceramic cups. This required the use of a technique called injection molding. In this technique the molten plastic at high pressure is made into a steel mold producing multiple cups every minute. This is an expensive process and that is why they need your help. Go support them on KickStarter.

In addition to unbreakable and non-spilling, the cup can stand stable on uneven surfaces, can stack on each other to save space on shelf and even microwave & dishwasher safe. The cups come in four different colors and plans to ship in late July, 2014.

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