The Dolphin Language Translator

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The Dolphin is the second most intelligent being on the planet according to scientific studies. They have a distinct language to communicate with each other, understand humans and are incredibly easy to domesticate and to friendship with. For years humans have been trying to communicate with them and learn how their language works. Denise Herzig, head of the Wild Dolphin Project is doing the same, and is already showing successful results.


The Wild Dolphin Project has yielded research on a dolphin translator. The translator works on recognizing the frequency and amplitude of a dolphin sound to translate it in to a word. For instance, Denise has been tracking a dolphin for the past 25 years and teaching it different words with a special whistle. The dolphin was taught the sound for “sargassum” and repeated it perfectly as demonstrated by the translator.

Hey! dolphin!

This development has been an exciting for enthusiasts but Denise’s team is not holding their breaths, the incident hasn’t been replicated and there is a long way to go understand dolphins. One day perhaps we’ll communicate with them and strike a friendship even deeper than before. Until then we’ll make do with the squeaks.

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