The Way This Faceless Watch Tells Value Of Time Is Priceless

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You won’t believe your eyes but this photo is actually of a watch, that you can wear day-long. It doesn’t tell you the time, instead it vibrates every five minutes to give you a humble reminder that 5 minutes of your life are gone.

Called the Durr – this watch is a great example of simplicity both in design and functionality. It features a body and fastening clip, both made from hand-dyed polyamide. The strap is made from laser-cut vegetanned leather. Its battery does nothing except vibrating the face-less-face 288 times a day. The battery is claimed to last 2 months easily. The vibrations causes shivers feeling on your wrist, that cannot help you with exact time but make you more conscious of how time passes differently depending on a number of factors. The gap between each vibration is set to five minutes and cannot be changed, though the designer tested different intervals before settling on this unit of time.

Durr Production

Faceless Watch Durr

Durr is available for pre-order again as it has gone through the initial run of 50 pieces already, which were successfully sold out fo $120 each. The designer – Skrekkogle plans to give a second run, for which buyers are invited to register for email notifications when the second run starts.


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