The Fastest 3D Printer Ever Designed

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3D printing is revolutionizing the print industry. Infact it is not limited to print media anymore rather you can conjure almost any object in 3D. Be it a model of Eiffel tower, an industrial prototype or a minion, you name it. The immense popularity has led many researchers, hobbyists and engineers to optimize the 3D printing performance to better suit the modern world needs.

Titan 1 3D printing with bigger models

Kudo 3D claims to have manufactured an optimum 3D printer named as Titan 1 which performs better than the current stereo-lithography (SLA) based printer. The current technology can print in small printing size and take longer time to print. The 3D printed small sized models can most likely be used to get amazed with the 3D printing itself. It does not offer any useful purpose. Another problem with SLA technology is the low resolution printing which affects the sharpness of the model details.

3D printing in multiple colors

Titan 1 optimizes all three problems found in its competitor technology at the same time. In terms of printing size, it can print up to 9.5” tall model with 100 micron XYZ resolution. It can print at five times better resolution than SLA printers. The extraordinary feature of Titan 1 is to print 2.7 inches/hr; five times faster than the other printers with quality resolution and smoothness.

Another stand out feature is that it can print bigger size objects at the same time. Titan 1 can print a single model in multiple colors. Users can change colors during printing to get the desired color scheme for the model.

This technology can design Jewelry for Jewelry Designers, artwork for artists, prototypes for engineers & product designers and research models for teachers.

If you like what Kudo 3D have created then go ahead support them on KickStarter.

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