The First E-Ink Wall Clock Ever Made

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What type of clock do you use in your homes? Do you prefer traditional round clock hanging on your wall or the bulky digital clock placed right beside your bed? Imagine you slept in and got late for an important meeting. Your wall clock was stuck as you forgot to put new cells or maybe your digital clock was dysfunctional making that eight look like a six.  In the current busy life, even adding “buy clock cells” to your to-do list seems a lot of work to do.

ClockOne e ink display

Boston based company, Twelve24, has brought to you a hassle free digital clock named as ClockONE.  This digital clock is light weight, thin like a piece of laminated paper, has a one year battery life and can easily hang on the wall.

The new feature for the clock is that instead of using LED display, this clock will use Electronic ink (E-ink) which is normally used in e-book readers such kindle, nook etc. And for a good reason too! E-ink display requires an ultra low power since no backlighting is being used. It can display both images and black & white text. In addition, it offers a crisp paper like theme to the clock.

clockone looks cool in your room

ClockONE need not to be leveled and can easily be adjusted by tilting. It is possible due to the use of magnetic wall-mounting system.  The clock is only 4mm thick and weighs 1.5 kg, though it has a larger display and even higher price tag.

twelve24 clockone thin display

Twelve24 will cost you $499 but it is expected to on sale in September. In the mean time check out the amazing video below.

Are you interested in buying this amazing E-ink display clock? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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