This Floating Sauna Gives Optimum Feel To Relax

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Saunas are generally small rooms designed to experience dry or wet heat sessions, but the generic terminology often defines it as a wooden room where one could sit and relax. Categorized based on the utility, we see steam saunas, smoke saunas etc in modern hotels and gyms. However, these architectures from goCstudio have come up with a traditional touch floating sauna. Which floats peacefully over the surface of a lake.

Architectures are planning to launch the sauna on Lake Washington, Seattle, later this year. According to firm, the sauna will be accessed by kayak and will provide, “an enticing refuge from the city, a moment to escape, relax and reinvigorate.”

The Floating Sauna features twenty eight 55 gallon flotation barrels that are mounted atop in position by an aluminum frame. Its main indoor sauna itself is 8 x 8 ft (2.4 x 2.4 m) covered area, while an additional 8 x 16 ft (2.4 x 4.9 m) timber deck also provide an outdoor platform area. The sauna is enclosed by a structure of Alaskan Yellow Cedar and features tiered seating, a cool-down hatch and a wood-burning stove. Additionally, an external ladder provides access to the fenced roof-deck with a diving board.

Floating Sauna Design

The firm believes that the sauna, when implemented could create a place of refuge for locals to give them a new perspective on their city and will successfully provide space to relax and reinvigorate out on the water.

goCstudio is planning to put this project on crowd sourcing platform Kickstarter soon. They will need to raise US$15,000 to execute the project successfully. If successful, the campaign will fund the materials for the sauna, stove and the prefab dock kit.


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