Fly6 Records Whats Happening At Your Back While You Are Cycling

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Bicyclists have it rough in today’s traffic. Cars and motorbikes and buses leer over them like behemoths in a Jurassic Park of sorts where they are the humans (quite literally) and the heavy vehicles are woolly mammoths. Bicycle accidents are also fairly common and in most cases it is a hit and run. The worst part is that the criminal gets away while the victim lies bleeding, unconscious or worse, dead, on the ground. The Fly6 Camera may help justice prevail.


The official website for the Camera says “Fly6 watches your back.” And it truly does. It sticks in place of your tail light and records all that goes on where you can’t see. The Fly6 is reliable as it has a 5 hour battery life which is plenty to cover any bike ride. The camera comes equipped with an eight gigabyte SD card that can record two continuous hours of footage. The camera plugs into your computer with a flash drive.

The recordings will help the aggressive drivers be delivered to justice and improve traffic regulation. The idea is not just to stop criminals but to stop the crime from happening in the first place. The Camera attracts attention to itself in an attempt to ensure the heavy vehicle driver knows what he’s getting in to if he attempts a hit and run.


The product costs $169 and is presently looking for crowd funding at Kickstarter.


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