The Future Comic Books Might Use Augmented Reality

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Do you love to start your day with comic strips and puzzles? How many of you have enjoyed the comic strips in the daily newspaper? Comics like Zits, Garfield, Dennis the menace and Hagar might have made your morning each day. These characters shared their tit bits with a series of motionless yet so lively images.

Zits Comic strip


What if an app could bring these still images to action? Or better yet, you can read marvel comic books with both visual and acoustic support. Ready to hear this news? Comic books will now have augmented reality starting from the story of Modern Polaxis, the time traveler.

Sutu, an Australian comic artist, have designed an iOS app which can help you see hidden effects inside comics through the smart device camera.

All you need is to download an app from Apple store and install it on your Apple device. Once the application is launched, it calls in-built camera of your smart device. You need to point the camera lens in the direction of the comic page and see the magic happening. A simple comic page with a bend man and some text will now have a wave swirl around the man; similar to a mystic fortune teller effect in a movie. The moment you turn your eyes away from the iPad screen, the reality hits you as bend man appears before you.

bring comic book characters to life

The augmented technology is built on the backbone of Boomcore; software which creates animation and interactive digital content. The artist has also created a new comic story for his augmented reality based application.

In the story the character Polaxis believe himself to be a fugitive captured by Intafrag agents from another dimension. In search for the reality, he escapes the Intafrag; travels around the globe chased by the other dimension agents.

comic book augumented reality

Polaxis has concealed important information from the Intafag agents in the pages of the comic book. You need to find those hidden messages to get the real enjoyment out of the book. Otherwise, the tale alone cannot charm you with certain disconnected events weakening the story line.

If you are one of the comic books fanatics, head over to Kickstarter, pledge the campaign and bring the Modern Polaxis to life. You can also download a beta version of the app and try it out on a pre-defined image to validate that the app works.

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