The Future Of PIN Codes

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TRI-PIN system is a normal 10 digit numeric keypad, with the addition of colors and shapes. It will prevent people knowing your PIN – even if they see you enter it.

The firm suggests, its similar to many other 10 digit numeric keypad, but instead of each button having just a number, they also have a color and a symbol/shape. User password could be any 4-combination of any element (including color/symbol). For example: 3, square, pink, flag OR 4, flag, circle, red. Each time that user input the digit, the color/shape changes its place randomly, making any other person watching or standing-by impossible to judge which button was pressed.

Aside its use in ATM machines, the TRI-PIN can be utilized in laptops and smartphones, taking security and privacy to another corner.

TRI PIN Laptops

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