The Future Of Smart Watches Is Modular Blocks

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The problem with technology is that as it evolves it becomes expensive.  By the time you buy a device, a new version of it pops up in the market with enhanced specs. This was the reason that PhoneBloks concept of modular smart phone came into existence. It is currently being developed by Google under the title of Project Ara. You can change the modules according to your desired features.


Inspired by Google’s Project Ara, Blocks has come up with a modular smart watch. You may think that what use will it be? But this smart watch has many useful features. For example, if you are an athlete or a simple exercise person; you can calculate your heart rate or monitor your movement activity.  If you are a traveller, you can insert a module for GPS to give you directions.

The modular smart watch is customizable to fit your needs. It includes gesture control, heart rate, finger print, sim card and many more. Variety of applications is available at the Blocks store to download. Developers could make their own modules and program different applications. You can add dummy modules to fit your wrist size.


Bringing modularity in devices will make them more economic and accessible to everyone. It’s a long term investment. You can either have or not have a certain feature depending on your needs.

Blocks smart watch is expected to be commercially available in mid 2015.

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