The Futuristic Wrist Projector Projects Future On Your Hands

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Beware, Seers! You might be going out of business very soon! Now everyone has the power to predict their future.

Meet Israeli designer Dor Tal who thought of an app named ‘Predictables’. The app can run on any device but a wearable a wrist watch make it more realistic since then it would project the future events on the hand palm. These events are color coded bubbles that can be tapped to view the details.


But how does an app predicts your future? It stalks you and your friend’s life on social media and calendar. So if you forget important events, the app warns you in advance with a cryptic message like “You should prepare for the exam or you would regret later”. The app uses an algorithm that searches for patterns, frameworks and links in the digital world. Based on the data collected, it predicts the most probable event in the future doing tedious mathematical calculations.


It seems a great idea but at the same time it’s an invasion in someone’s private life. Most of the people nowadays have their life on social media. It is also not possible to know how much of it is true. However, it brings a fun factor to the traditional digital calendars.

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