New Invention In Transport – The Hubless Scooter

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The hubless wheel technology has not  made any breakthrough on the ground as yet. However, we see start-ups trying to fetch maximum out of the novel concept. 3 days ago, a Sydney based start-up showed up their hubless-wheeled scooter on a Kickstarter campaign.

The E’lution EVO Scooter features a fold-able design and is humanly powered. Its cutting edge hubless wheel technology promises the operations more robust and smooth. The scooter weigh 6-kg altogether with its wheels and deck, which is made up of plywood material.

Hubless Scooter Wheel

Elution EVO

Another remarkable feature that we do not witness in other scooters is the braking system, that is said to minimize brake pedal overheating. The scooter also comes with the built-in mudguards. Another version of similar scooter weighs 4.5-kg (9.9-lb), which additionally features a carbon fiber deck and handlebar, protective polymer edge rails, and a spring-loaded kickstand.

Both the models, however, feature the patented hubless wheels. While they do indeed look pretty snazzy, the designers state that they also offer a practical advantage. “Our hubless wheels use large 85-mm diameter bearings as opposed to the much smaller 22-mm diameter bearings used on standard scooter wheels, as a result, our bearings are far more robust and durable.”

Hubless Wheel

A pledge of AUD$275 will get you the basic model of scooter featuring wood-deck, while AUD$399 is required for the Black carbon fiber scooter – assuming the funding goal will be met. Planned retail prices are AUD$499 for the base model and AUD$699 for the Black.

You can find more details about the scooter on Kickstarter and ElutionScooters website.

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