The Incredible Device Puts Keyboard, Mouse And Joystick All In One For PC Gamers

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Games like Assassin’s Creed, Dishonoured, Call of Duty and Arkham Asylum all require a keyboard and mouse to play. The games have so many special moves and triggers that just individually, a mouse or keyboard just won’t do. But what if all of that could be under your finger tips, your gameplay would improve exponentially. Those soldiers that keep killing you in Assassin’s Creed will have met their match and those thugs beating you up in Arkham Asylum will beg for mercy (or most probably just get knocked out).

Kings Assembly

It’s called the King’s Assembly Input Device and it amalgamates the joystick, the keyboard and the mouse under one roof, and the roof is your hand. The mouse cursor is controlled by an optical laser sensor to track the movements of each palm and the keyboard comprises of thirty keys placed in a half ramp shape for your fingers to rest on while your palms rest on the mouse. A track ball is also available to use as a joystick. There is an all in one device for each hand and they have been paired together to increase functionality and record greater data input.

Kings Assembly For Gamers

The device requires no battery as it can be plugged in through a USB without the need for installation. The device is predicted to cost around $200 and if successful, will be funded with a grant reaching up to $250,000 to develop a wireless version that can connect via bluetooth to any computer.

The device was designed by Eric Charlton who is a US based engineer and founder of Solid Art Labs.

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