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Although there are lots of options when it comes to password reset of forgotten windows account. But you need to expert at least one of them before you actually get into trouble. What if you don’t know any of those tricks, and you lost the password of admin account of windows with really important data? Well, this guy from UK has come up with a solution for guys like you, which is far easy and do not require any training or expertise to get the job done.

This USB power key will help you reset passwords of all the user accounts, you made in windows. Using this key you can boot the PC into a special administrative mode that allows you to view all of the user accounts and reset any password. Quickly regain control of the PC and get back to work. All you need to do is grab the key, insert it into the USB power and get hold of all your accounts back. Some computers may require you to press special keys, like Del, F10, F12 to access the start-up menu. The developer claims the Password Reset Key has been tested with a wide range of PCs that support booting from USB and the following operating systems are supported for password reset:

·Windows NT 4

·Windows XP

·Windows Vista

·Windows 7

·Windows 8

·Windows 8.1

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