The Longest Word In English Is 189,819 Characters Long & It Takes 3 Hours 33 Minutes To Pronounce It

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The longest word in English language is the chemical name of Titin (or connectin) which has 189,819 characters. The chemical is the largest known human protein and is written down in 65 KB text bit file here.  Imagine that someone has even tried to pronounce the whole damn thing and it took him 3 hours and 33 minutes to finish the pronounciation. We do not recommend watching the whole thing unless you need a mumbling pronouncer to put you to sleep.  Even the plant in the video doesn’t seem to survive the pronounciation. 

So hit the play button  for the video if you’re tired of watching paint dry and ready for some REAL excitement in your life.

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How many minutes were you able to see the video then? Share with us  in the comment section below.

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