The Most Detailed Paper Plane Made To Date

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Paper Plane Boeing 777

Luca Iaconi-Stewart, a college dropout, a hobbyist of paper planes designed a Boeing 777 with micro precision in 5 years. With the help of manila folders and dabs of glue, Stewart made this jetliner to a scale of 1:60, but it’s almost as complicated as the real deal, down to the retractable landing gears.

He started to design the plane in a high school architecture class, but later it took serious turn when he found super detailed diagrams of Air India Boeing 777 plane on internet. He grabbed the power of  computer software, Adobe Illustrator for designing the details. printing them on manila, and wielding his X-Acto knife.

Stewart spent an entire summer just to the seats (20 minutes for an economy seat, four to six hours for business class, and eight hours for first class). He designed the engines in about a month and assembled them in four. The tail he rebuilt three times. When his classes at Vassar took up too much time—he actually stopped work on the 777 for two years because of college—Iaconi-Stewart dropped out. “I’m fortunate to have parents willing to give me a fair amount of latitude,” he says. When this project is finished, probably early this year, he might start building an even bigger model. Here are some amazing photos of his work, he shared:

Paper Plane

Paper Plane Seats

Paper Plane Seating

Paper Plane Seating Detailed

Paper plane Inside

Complete Business Class

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