The Most Powerful Harvester Ever Designed

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In 1850, greater number of American workers were farm laborers who used to work tirelessly as they hand-cut, threshed and winnowed wheat. However, global industrial revolution changed the harvesting equipment for farmers and combine harvesters played an important role. Now, US agricultural sector is far more productive with only 2.4 percent of the workforce. This number will be further reduced with this newest harvesting machine.

worlds most powerful harvester

CNH industrial brand has launched the world’s most powerful combine harvester – CR 10.90 with an amazing 486 kW power. This powerful harvester offers 15% more productivity in small grains and the percentage of grain breakage is as low as 0.2.

The gigantic cutting head snips the grains from the wheat stalks which are sucked up by the threshing machine. The machine then beats the grains out of the wheat which are then sifted thoroughly to remove damaged grains, corn husks or other seeds. The threshed and winnowed grains are collected for milling while the chaff is saved for farm animals to be used in fodder.

The combine harvester is the summed up version of 40 years of the best of New Holland’s harvesting technologies such as Twin Pitch Rotors, Dynamic Feed Roll, SmartTrax rubber tracks, Terraglide suspension, ECOBlue SCR and Hi-eSCR engine technologies.

new holland combine harvester

In addition, it features a 16 liter, six-cylinder inline diesel engine and 14,500 liter grain storage tank.  The storage tank can be emptied in less than 2 minutes which is similar to emptying 140 baths at the same time.

The machine is so powerful that it can crush the soil to the damaging point for future crops. In order to combat this, the company has fitted a SmartTrax flexible track with Terraglide suspension – this distributes the harvester’s weight over a broad footprint.

The range of technologies used in the machine provides high capacity harvesting with maintained grain quality and high outputs. The new combine harvester provides 25% more productivity then the ones used a decade ago.

Check out this powerful harvester in the video below.

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