The Motorcycle Security Camera

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One thing we can all say about Japanese is that they do the unexpected. A commercial featuring a human wearing dog costume might be advertising a cereal and don’t get me started on their cartoons, or what they call Anime. In this story, they’ve done it again.

crazy bike

There is a Japanese Security Company called  “Japan Security System Co, Ltd.”, nothing unexpected there. It’s CEO, Mr Kaku wanted a state of the art security camera for hotel lobbies and upmarket store fronts. In the unveiling, what was presented was a motorcycle. What in the world?

motorcycle security camera

The scientist asked to build the security camera, Chicara Nagata, was a bit of a motorcycle enthusiast, when he designed this motorcycle he installed two security cameras instead of the tail and headlights. This makes the motorcycle unsafe and street illegal, but it’s an interesting invention nonetheless utilizing the mobility wide view a motorcycle can give and a 360 degree view that the cameras can provide, being fitted where they are.

security camera

The motorcycle is streamlined and looks more like a motorcycle of the future rather than a security camera. What Mr. Kaku will think of this unfathomable turn of events are clearly under doubt, he’s Japanese after all. Maybe that’s how they work, providing surprises at every turn.

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