With Night Visions Like An Owl, Nikon Launches Its Ultra Sensitive D4s

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Low light is a problem for any camera. A sunset that captures a visceral moment incomparable to all the visual treats one has seen before may come out as a 600 pixelated mess. So many moments like birthday parties or stage plays or a few lanterns hung in the street resonate beautifully in our memories but when the chance comes to take them to our homes and frame them on the wall, our cameras simply don’t deliver. The Nikon D4s seeks to solve that problem.

Nikon sees at Night

It has an upgraded version of the 16.2 megapixel sensor in the Nikon 4D and is built for incredibly low light conditions. Say you have a big Photo-shoot to do and you’ve forgotten your lighting equipment, the only thing you’d need for a comfortable photo shoot is a candle.

The sensitivity can be boosted up to 25,600 ISO while the extended range can go upto 409,600 ISO. The frame rate has also been given the “Mountain Dew Treatment”. The camera captures 200 shots at 11 frames per second in 18 seconds and gives you the exact moment you want to capture in an experience. If that wasn’t enough, the video quality has been upgraded to full 1080p at 60 frames per second.

NikonAll of this high quality data will require a monster memory to fit in and so Nikon has dished out a monster of a memory card. The XQD memory card technology allows for storage greater than 2 terra bytes in a single memory card and the writing speeds go up to 1 giga byte per second.

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