The Plane of Future Has All Window Seats

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It does not matter what type of ride you are using, whether it’s a bus, a car, train or a plane; window seats are desired by almost every passenger. You must have, perhaps in your childhood, fought to get the window seat on your school bus or even tried to exchange your seat with your window seat neighbor on a plane. However, such tactics won’t be required anymore with this futuristic aircraft.

IXION is a concept presented by Technicon Design – a plane with panoramic screens delivering beautiful views to every passenger regardless of the seat position. It means that every seat on this plane will be a window seat.

the futuristic plane with all window seats

The airplane wings will have cameras mounted on them which will capture the views below the plane. The images taken will then be projected onto the cabin screen of the airplane. If the passengers do not want to see the current location, then the stock footages and pictures from other sites or images from movies can also be loaded.

Apart from providing stellar views to passengers at 40,000 ft, the plane is more fuel efficient and requires less maintenance as compared to other planes of same size.

futuristic plane where every seat is a window seat

However, this plane remains a mere conceptual design and is currently not being built for the real world. According to the design director, Gareth Davies, at Technicon, “The ethos of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different but not just a fantasy,”

Well, the Technicon has definitely stirred a discussion in technical world if such a plane is a possibility in near future. You have the chance to experience flying in this plane by checking out the video below which features the computer-generated walkthrough of the plane.

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