The Robot That Plays Music From Clouds Formation

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We all enjoy nature and the different weathers it offers everyday like sun shining over dew drops in the morning, cirrus uncinus clouds or translucent wave cloud spreading across the clear blue skies. People with a taste of music take this enjoyment to next level by playing instruments for their loved ones. What about those who do not have grip over instruments? Don’t they like to enjoy weather, the clouds formation like others do? That’s exactly the same target market, David has planned to hit, with his out-of-box assembly of robots that plays different music on different clouds formation.

cloud piano robot

David Bowmen merges nature with the mechanical systems to rig up art exhibits displaying signs of life. His Tele-present water installation used to control a kinetic sculpture through rise and fall of waves. His recent project is a robotic sculpture that translates the clouds floating in the skies into a music.

The cloud piano has atmosphere as the natural system and software powered sculpture as the mechanical system. This piano plays music based on the presence or absence of clouds, the cloud density and the moving speed of clouds.

device detecting clouds for piano

Bowen took the video of clouds and sliced the video into 88 sections corresponding to the piano keys. Whenever a cloud is overhead, the robotic piano presses the keys for the duration the cloud is there.

The music played by this piano is not exactly classical masterpiece but it does change the rhythm of the music. The music played is different according to the direction of the clouds moving or the wind blowing. If wind changes directions, the music becomes dark and moody. The density of clouds determine the loudness of the music.

clouds and piano keys

When there are no clouds in the sky, the piano remains silent and does not play any music. The artists says he created the project to involve people more in the nature. Imagine if there is no sound on a particular day, it will be really boring. Check out this amazing video of the robotic piano.

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