The Robotic Furniture That Fits Itself Into Any Available Space

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Size and cost of apartments and houses are inversely proportional to people living in urban areas. You have to be smart to arrange furniture in small apartments. Even then, it gets difficult sometimes to fit it all. By looking around, you might find some innovative approach to do that. But today, we are revealing an innovative furniture that fits into any apartment size you wish to reside.

roombot flexible furniture

Scientists from Biorobotics Laboratory (BIOROB) at EPFL in Switzerland have developed flexible furniture design. You can carry it around and setup furniture almost anywhere and anytime you want. The furniture created consists of small robotic modules that combine together to shape into anything you desire. All you have to do is set the layout of room via a tablet (app) and let the bots do their work.

roombot constructed chair

How do these Roombots work is super amazing. Roombot pieces are 22 cm long shaped, like a large dice with a wireless connection. The hardware for the robot consists of a battery and three motors to make it fully rotatable. Retractable claws inside the bots are used for stacking them on each other. Each bot inserts its claws to the holes in the other bot to make a larger structure. The scientists have created special surfaces so that roombots can anchor themselves in.

A hybrid approach has been taken for room bots to keep the cost at minimal level. The furniture will not be constructed fully rather pieces of it will be made. All in all, it will be useful for people as long as the cost is affordable.

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