The Smallest 3D Printing Pen

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Some of you may have seen a video of a 3D printing pen a while back sketching the Eiffel Tower in three dimensions with what looked like fast solidifying ink in mid air. This was the Wobble works 3Doodler. Its shipping right now and you can pre-order it on The best thing about the 3D printing pen is that it fulfills the dreams of artists and children alike that always wanted to pretend their ideas could instantly jump off the page, now they can.

There are of course always efforts in motion to refine emerging technology and there is already a smaller, sleeker pen than the 3Doodler called the Lix 3D printing pen. The pen is claimed to be the smallest 3D pen in the world and is fashioned from aluminum, and is 6.45 in (164 mm) long with a diameter of 0.55 in (14 mm). The pen is operated by plugging in through a USB. ASB/PLA plastic rods are fed in to the pen that are heated inside to a temperature of 190 C and cool instantly when you create your masterpiece in 3D.


Each plastic rod should last about a few minutes before you need to refill. Like the scribes of old having to refresh their quills with fresh ink from the pot you’ll be treated to a new version of the old experience.


3D model

The project is being developed by Kickstarter in the months to come and when the object hits the market it’s projected to cost about $140. Reports have also shown that a $60 ball point version of the pen will also be released.

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