The Smallest Earbuds In The World

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Are you an avid music listener, the so-called “music is my life” person?  You might be one of those music addicts who carry their iPods everywhere. iPod is easy to carry but what about headphones? Seems like an extra burden. But then you don’t want to disturb others around. Even with your headphones you cannot do break dance on the beats. The headphone wires are either too small or the headphone comes right out of your ear. It is not a great way to enjoy music, is it?

Earin- wireless earbuds easily keep in your pocket

But thanks to Ryan Reynolds movie “Definitely Maybe”, Olle Lindén got the idea of wireless ear buds without the wires that will fit perfectly into your ears.  This was five years ago with no proper technology available at the time. It is only now that he assembled a team to manufacture the perfect earbuds named Earin.

Earin - wireless earbuds

Earin is a pair of small wireless ear buds delivering high quality sound anywhere you go. These ear buds are hassle-free from long wires. Armature speakers, a tech similar to hearing aid tools, are used to maintain the sound quality and keep the power at minimal. The ear bud design has carefully been made to fit the ear without falling off.

Earin is easy to set-up. You just need to search earin from your mobile’s Bluetooth and pair the two together. Select a song from your playlist and enjoy the music instantly.

When not in use, the ear buds are kept in a compact capsule which can be put in the pocket easily. The capsule also acts as a charger using a USB cable to keep the play back time up. The ear buds are running on a 50mAh rechargeable batteries.  You can listen to three hours of music on single charge.

If you like this idea, support the team on kickstarter. With your help they can start shipping the product by January, 2015.

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