The Smallest Laptop Adopter In The World

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No this isn’t an article about a stupid dart that hits the target without you even trying for precision. Its about a laptop charger. You know those large bulky things that you have to carry around with you lest your laptop’s battery dies. You’d think we’d be done with the bloody things already and gotten a smaller, more mobile solution but alas, the chargers haven’t gotten any smaller or easier to carry, except that they have this year and might I say, its a quantum leap.


FINsix is an MIT spin off, that just means that its a company that came out of the prestigious University. They released a tiny laptop charger called the Dart a few days ago and its poised to start shipping later this year. The charger is rated at 65 Watts and is so much smaller than that huge clunky charger you’ve been carrying around for a long time that it seems like a miracle they didn’t think of it before. After all cell phone and mp3 player chargers have only been getting smaller with time, not so for the laptop charger.


The charger uses MIT’s patented high frequency conversion technique to charge the laptop and is connected to it through a 2.1 USB port. The charger is four times smaller and six times lighter than its counterparts and is a welcome relief to gamers, computer nerds and programmers alike. And FINsix is already doing a deal with the “exclusive” Apple Inc.

World Smallest Charger

You can get it for $79 right now on Kickstarter or get it for the retail price of $119 later this year.

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