The Smallest Scanner In The World Fits Into The Pocket

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Imagine you have an exam tomorrow and you forgot your notes at school which will probably be closed by now. You end up straining your eyes trying to comprehend your friend’s handwriting through a mobile quality picture. Or maybe you want to instantly share an old funny photograph which does not remain funny anymore when you capture it with your smart phone.

edit scanned document instantly

Meet the world’s smallest wireless scanner that you can fit in your pocket; PocketScan. This device is powered with real time image processing software providing instant feedback while scanning. You can get high quality results for old photographs and that too with bright colors. The usability does not end here, the features are limitless and it all depends on your creativity.

Scan old images to high quality results with pocketscan

You can even edit the scanned documents in Microsoft office such as Excel and Word. The device is pocket sized but it does not mean that the document for scanning should be pocket sized too. This small device can even scan larger documents and bring all of them in editable form. If you are going to foreign country, this device can help you scan and translate anything.

how does pocketscan works

PocketScan works in both bright and low light environments to produce clear and high definition results. It is your on-the-go-companion and compatible with PC, MAC and ipad.

Now you don’t need large scanning machines at home or visit a shop? You can scan much better with this portable device.

If you want to get your hands on it this November, then go ahead seal the deal on Kickstarter.

See the PocketScan in action in the video below and share your comments below.

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