The Smart Basketball Monitors Your Gaming

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Technology has transformed sports. It has helped in the interpretation of more accurate data like the speed of a ball or the statistics of a player but now its also helping players individually. Special apps for monitoring health vitals and for training like Nike + and NPT Boom are easily available on iOS and Android devices. Now the equipment that you use, even the most common of basketballs is going to be filled with sensors monitoring your play.


Wilson is a sports equipment maker. And while the name brings to mind the famous football that Tom Hanks shared five years of his life with on a deserted island, they’ve actually made a basketball that’s a better companion then “wilson”. Its a smart basketball that is connected to your smart device (either a phone or a tablet) through an app. It monitors all sorts of things when you play.


It monitors the dribbling time, the seconds taken before you shoot and the positions you take when you shoot. The app reads you like a map and its all thanks to the internal sensors in the basketball. By taking in all this data, players can improve their game and see how your game improves every time you take the center of the court.


Besides all that, the basketball takes in to account which shots you take most, your shooting accuracy, speed, running distance and monitors your heart rate, blood pressure etc during the game.

This ball was made in collaboration with SportIQ and is going to hit the stores hopefully in May 2014. Read more here.

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