The Smart Multimeter For Smart Devices

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If you are an electrical engineer or a hobbyist who loves to play with electronics then the most important tool required to implement any circuit design is a Multimeter. It is a bulky device that can measure current, voltage and resistance across any component of the circuit. The measurements will help you better design the circuit tolerable voltages.

Voltset-a compact portable device

The problem is such a device cannot be carried everywhere.  A certain standard Multimeters ensure quality performance; a lot of others will either do not measure correctly or not measure at all. Another back draw is to note down the measurements, calculate separately in a calculator and then probably plot graphs in software. You might have faced the same problem and here is the device that you need to buy.

Voltset measures additional quantities

Voltset is a compact and portable device which can connect to your smart phone via USB. This pocket-sized device has two jumper wires for positive and negative terminals. Use these wires to measure voltage, current or resistance across test points and get the result on your smart phone. You can save or upload your own data using built-in spread sheet and plot graph right in your mobile.

measure quantities right on your smartphone

Voltset pro can measure additional quantities such as conductivity, capacitance and frequency. This device can be connected to smart phone via USB for android and windows phone while through Bluetooth on an iPhone.

Another amazing feature is that it works with your smart phone and does not require any batteries.

Looks like a lot of engineers and hardware hackers want this product seeing the success on Kickstarter. Go ahead and make your purchase! The USB based Voltset will be shipped by the end of Dec 2014.

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