The Smart Ring That Delivers Smartphone Notifications Onto Your Finger

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Wearable gadgets such as smart bracelets, smart rings and smart watches are the new trend after phones today. These smart gadgets are in evaluation phase and still offer much space for improvement. But today, the product we are going to share here is said to be flawless.

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MOTA is a small, powerful and simplistic wearable smart-ring, which will revolutionize the wearable technology. This smart ring brings text messages, emails, social media notifications, incoming calls and calendar events right on your fingers. You do not have to take out your smart phones or even look at your wrist. Every important update will reach right in front of you, on your finger.

Wearable Gadget - Mota Smart Ring 1 Wearable Gadget - Mota Smart Ring 2

This smart ring pairs with an android or iOS device via Bluetooth and is available in midnight black and pearl white. The images for this gadget indicates a shiny black marble round ring with emerald green color for notifications. The right definitely doesn’t give awkward tech-savvy book, as it appears trendy and fashionable. The make of the ring is water-resistant; so you don’t have to take it off while washing hands and fear losing it.

Wearable Gadget - Mota Smart Ring 3

Wearable Gadget - Mota Smart Ring 4

One of the VIP feature offers the user, a comprehensive control over notifications. The smart ring is set to be unveiled at IFA this week in Berlin and will be launched in late fourth quarter of the year. The price has not yet been announced.

Wearable Gadget - Mota Smart Ring 6

Bonus: Check out the comprehensive review of the ring below:

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