The Smart Toothbrush Monitors How You Brush

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Now you can monitor your brushing pattern, brushing time, frequency of use and coverage of your teeth while brushing with this revolutionary toothbrush.

Kolibree – a France based start-up has developed a smart toothbrush to monitor and control your brushing habits. When connected to its dedicated app on smartphone, it transfers important data recorded during brushing. Most of us learn at their semiannual visits to the dentist we are missing a certain hard-to-reach nook in our mouth but Kolibree’s smart toothbrush maps where the brush touches each time the user brushes, so no spot remains un-scoured for long. Over the time, the smart app informs you what part of your mouth you misses, where your brushes frequently and which area needs more attention. Making your brushing habits more focused and progressive.

Smart Brush AppSmart Brush App

“Right now you get your feedback from your dentist maybe once or twice a year, and for the first time you can actually get that real-time feedback twice a day from this smart app,” Renee Blodgett, the company’s PR person, quote.

Additionally, the dedicated app of smart brush can store and display data of upto 5 brushes at a time. Meanwhile, the parents can monitor how often and for how reasonable amount of time, their children are brushing their teeth. The app also compares their brushing performance in an amusing way, in hopes of turning sibling rivalry for better technique.

Company plans to launch its Kickstarter campaign this summer for crowd funding, setting early birds price to be $99 a piece.

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