The Ultimate Electric Verrado Drift Trike

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This may surprise you slightly but there is a recognized sport in the world called Trike Drifting in New Zealand, it’s even sponsored by Red Bull. Customized “Extreme Tricycles” are put in competition every year and just like in Formula 1, the riders take this seriously. The trikes are usually made of PVC but there are always variations, such as the new one made by Local Motors, USA.

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Trike Drifting, it seems, is not staying localized to New Zealand, it seems the citizen of the USA want some of such action. Local Motors has built a trike worthy of praise. They’ve targeted the market of Arizona especially, so they’ve built the trike with a level ground and sandy dunes in mind. The front forks usually harbor a BMX wheel with either pedals or stunt pegs protruding from the axle, while two smaller go-kart wheels bring up the rear. The rear wheels are made of PVC and reduce traction as the rider goes in for a sharp turn. The front wheel measures 20 inches in diameter and the rear wheels measure 5 inches. The latter are made of steel and are fitted with 10 inch karting tires and PVC sleeves.

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The trike runs on electric power with a lithium-cobalt-magnesium battery powering its front wheel and uses a powdered coat on its front pegs to reduce friction. Each 3 hour full charge provides about 45 minutes of riding time. And of course to develop and perfect this trike, Kickstarter has also become involved. The trikes are shipping in June and you can pre order them now by pledging $1560 to the cause.

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