The Ultimate Portable Security System For Your Home

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A home is not home if it does not feel safe. Once you encounter a burglar or home theft, you will be more paranoid and may not feel secure again for months to come. This is when you turn to costly and bulky wired security systems. Handling such systems is a headache itself.

Novi portable security system

Novi is a new kind of security system for both your own or rental home. It is portable and can be self-installed within ten minutes. Unlike many other security systems it offers one time cost with no monthly charges. The system contains three major components with no wiring required between them. These components include a sensor, a base station and a smart phone application.

setting up portable home security app

The sensor serves as the eyes of the system. It can detect motion and smoke. As soon as it detects motion it captures a series of pictures to be sent to your mobile phones. The motion sensor is equipped with advance PIR technology that will not detect anything with weight less than 60 lbs. This may include any pet in the house. The sensor alarm can be armed and disarmed at will using your smart phone app. The sensor can run on battery for six months.

The brain of the system is the base station which is connected to the wireless router directly at all times. The pictures from the sensor are sent to the base station which forwards it to your mobile phone. No wiring is done between the sensor and the base station.

portable home security app

The command control of the system is smart phone application available for both iOS and android. Once the captured pictures are sent to you, you can decide whether to call the police or not.

The system is very easy to install. Just scan the QR code behind the sensor and download & sync the application. The sensor can be simply attached using the adhesive material or screwed to the wall or roof.

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