The Ultimate Wireless 3D Printing Software

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We live in an age which many refer to as ‘Third Industrial Revolution’ and 3D printing is one of the many technologies responsible for this third era. There seems to be a great deal of hype around this tech. 3D printer definitely deserves the spotlight as it magically conjures objects out of thin air. Of course through the spell of advance technology.

wireless 3D printing

3D printing is still in early stage of its journey. Every now and then a new add-on feature comes up from both software and hardware developers. 3Dagogo has moved one step ahead in customizing 3D printing technology. Foreseeing 3D printing as being used by almost everyone in near future, they have developed software to print in 3D from anywhere wirelessly.

astrobox connected to 3D printer to provide wireless connectivity

The software is installed on your smart device and connects to the printer via AstroBox which is attached through USB cable to the printer. The AstroBox provides the wireless connectivity to connect and control 3D printer from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

setting up wireless 3D printer

The application installed on your device provides an easy interface where you can control the printer. The controls provided are not just for printing but also for optimizing the performance of printing. This process takes place over the internet from anywhere across the globe. You do not need to worry about the bad connection; the AstroBox creates a local network in absence of internet. Your design’s gcode is saved on the printer and it keeps on printing regardless of any connection problem.

Lastly, the application is connected with which slices, organizes and stores your designs in the cloud. Additionally, you can use this website to connect to your printer remotely.

Developers can make their own version of AstroBox by installing AstroPrint software on Linux based open source development boards. Check out the detail specifications for this wireless 3D printer below.

3D printer Specifications

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