The World’s First Full HD 360degree Camera

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When on vacations to a place you have never been to, the idea of not taking photographs is absurd. But the problem is; you cannot capture the whole beauty of a place in one shot and you probably don’t want to waste time taking photographs of one place anyway. You end up with a handful of selfies, some group pictures and one or two pictures of the natural beauty. If you are one of those disheartened photographers, 360cam might just be made for you.

360Cam captures all views

Giroptic has designed the world’s first ultra HD 360 degree camera which can capture all the views in one shot. The camera looks like an alien spaceship with three optical lenses placed 185 degree apart. The defining feature for the camera is that it can combine the three separate videos together to give a panoramic effect. This can be viewed in any software. In addition, it can be synced and viewed on a tablet or smartphone using Giroptic 360Cam application. The application is available on both Google Play and Apple’s App store.

360Cam capture all moments in one shot

This amazing 360Cam can be used underwater but with special glasses for optical lens protection. The camera can be used in three modes i.e. live video stream over Wi-Fi, 360 degree video recording and capturing timer-based or burst HDR photographs. 360Cam is equipped with many sensors such as GPS, Gyroscope, Microphones with Wi-Fi, MicroSD and MicroUSB interfaces. You can also use this camera for surveillance purposes.

360Cam up down all around

The most extra ordinary feature is that you can step into your own videos using virtual reality equipment. Amazingly, 360Cam has moved passed more than 3 times of their intended goal on Kickstarter. If you want to experience your vacations like never before then go ahead support them so they can add more cool features.

Check out the video below to witness the panoramic view of 360Cam.

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