The World’s First Hover Bike Is Coming To Reality In 2017

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From hovercrafts, hover boards and hover bikes, the technology world is very interested in the hover vehicle these days. Seeing the Shield Heli-carrier in the Avengers and back to the Future Hoverboard, has had a lot of effect on the development of vehicle technology in the world.

Aerofex hoverbike

Aerofex – a company that envisions world utilizing low altitude flight for different daily life practices, like going to work or the grocery store or to spread fungicide on crops. It built the Aerofex Hover Vehicle designed to carry one person or be used as an unmanned drone for a variety of uses. The planned usage includes agricultural work and the transport of raw materials across the rough terrains or navigating through buildings. The prototype was unveiled in 2012.


The Hoverbike is fitted with carbon rotors that propel the user into the air to about 10 feet. This complies with the US Federal Aviation Administration rules which require a pilots’ license to operate a vehicle that floats 12.1 feet above the ground. The bike will support two users and the first model is projected to go at a top speed of 45 miles per hour. A full tank will get you about an hour and fifteen minutes of drive. The intuitive steering controls and safety measures are designed for ease of use.  The bike weighs 310 pounds and costs $85000.


However to get one you’ll have to make a deposit of $5000 to secure a buy when it finally comes out. The Hoverbike is slated to come out by 2017.

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