The World’s Largest Dinosaur Is Found On Earth

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If dinosaurs were to exist today, media would not be as excited to cover them. However, they are more than happy to report on a dead dinosaur especially when it’s making waves for being the largest creature ever to roam on surface of the earth.


Recently, paleontologists have unearthed a new species of titanosaur in Argentina. The remains were first found by a farmer in the desert near La Flecha, about 135 miles west of Trelew, Patagonia. It was then extracted by scientists and the moment was live captured by BBC National History Channel. Back in 2011, scientists found a ‘dinosaur cemetery’ about 160 miles away from the same city. There is a reason for calling it a cemetery as there were about 200 more fossils waiting to be studied.


The new species, titanosaur weighs about 77 tonnes, as heavy as 14 elephants together. These dinosaurs are expected to be about 20m in height, comparable to seven storey building. The scientists were able to put together nine species of the titanosaur.


These dinosaurs terrorized the earth about 95 million years ago. However, titanosaurs are classified as herbivore, so it definitely was not a flesh eater. The experts also unearthed about 60 carnivore teeth that suggested that titanosaur dead bodies were eaten by carnivores. The carnivores loose teeth as they attempted to eat hard flesh.

Titanosaur discovery is considered big as it is about 7 times heavier than the previous record holder Argentinosaurus. Scientists hope to find more clues regarding the discovery.

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