These Ear Buds Not Only Deliver Music But Also Monitors Your Health

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The miniature seems to be king these days. Among the vast line of gadgets coming out today, there is a focus on two factors, features and size. More of the former and less of the latter is usually desired by the youth which is the market for these products. The Apple iWatch and Google Glasses are all on the news these days. So its no surprise that a set of earphones have come out with a few of the abilities of a smart phone.

The Dash Ear Buds


Called the Dash, these are wireless earphones with a 4 gigabyte storage capacity and a set of touch gestures to control the music player. The goal of these headphones is freedom of movement. Two small ear buds without a wire that eliminate the pesky problem of tangled wires and that have a fitness tracker (including a heart beat monitor, a temperature sensor, a distance tracker, an energy calculator  and a timer), a bluetooth device and a long lasting battery. That is all a fitness buff needs to get his or her blood pumping during a work out.


Simple touch gestures control the volume, choice of song and player functions like forward or pause. But undeniably the greatest feature of these headphones is their price. A smartphone or an mp3 player would at least cost you $200 but these cost $179. The most important feature for a set of headphones however, is the sound quality. The Dash earphones deliver spectacular sound with an option to deliver ambient sound so that while running or working out at the gym, a little serenity sets in.


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