These Hoverboard Use Jets Of Water To Reach Maximum

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Water sports become more popular in summer such as surfing downhill on ocean waves or simply wakeboarding. You might have planned such sports for yourself too. Hold on to your plans until you see this. So are you in for an adventure this summer?  Same sport, different surfing board, epic fun! Here is what you need.

Hoverboard with a 23mph speed

French Jetski Champion Franky Zapata brings you a new kind of hoverboard. This hoverboard is a cross between the wakeboard and a hovercraft. The hoverboard is attached with a jetski at the rear end via a long hose. The amazing feature is that it zooms into the air with a speed of 23 mph while jets of water are expelled from the nozzle at the back.

Hoverboard - a cross between wakeboard and hovercraft

To maintain the balance and safety, the user’s feet are attached to the board just like a snowboard. It definitely requires incredible balance and highly pressurized water to get you fly.The hoverboard gets its primary source of thrust, power and suction from the jetski connected to it via the long hose.

If you have set your eyes to this product then it is available for a whopping $6000. However, if you own the Frank’s sister product i.e. Flyboard, then you can buy a kit to modify this board for about $2,675.

A YouTube video displaying the wonders of hover board went viral this week. Check out this amazing video and share your comments below.

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