These Magnetic Shoes Let You Walk On Roof Upside Down

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Colin Furze is probably the most interesting plumber you’ll ever meet. He has a knack for getting in to situations that no one else may think of. He has got three Guinness World Records for building the worlds longest motorbike, fastest speed on a mobility stroller and the largest bonfire by volume. That’s all well and good but in the last few weeks, he built himself a pair of Wolverine Claws, the kind that burst out and retract too. And now he’s mastered one more X-men Power, Magnetism.

pimped out shoes

Colin Furze has built himself a pair of magnetic shoes that help him walk upside down. Now this is hardly mimicking the power of the X-men’s arch nemesis Magneto. After all he can influence the electromagnetic field around him to mould and influence any metal he wants. But as far as the shoes themselves go, its awesome to have the power to walk on the ceiling. Think of all the spiders you’ll be able to get rid of by stepping on them (finally).


Furze made his amazing shoes by combining a pair of old Vans with electromagnets that he bought. Those weren’t quite getting the job done so he decided to use his own brand of ingenuity, as he did with Wolvy’s claws. He went to the local dump and picked up a couple of microwave ovens, ripped out their transformers and made them in to electromagnets. He made some switches to turn them on and off and that gave him the boost he needed to walk upside down.

electromagnetic shoes

The task is still a daunting one, walking on the ceiling; it’s no joke. Colin says he managed to do it after falling a few dozen times.


powers x men

Colin is coming out with another X-men power on the 29th of May. Lets see what he cooks up next.

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